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Perfect DJs for a Perfect Reception!

Here at Cee Dee Entertainments we would be delighted to have the opportunity to provide our services for your Wedding or Civil Partnership celebration reception.

We do many celebration receptions every year. We are very knowledgeable about providing the right entertainment for the reception, whether it be formal or informal. We also fully understand all your concerns about booking entertainment for your big day - It’s all about confidence and with US you can have absolute!

So why do Couples choose Cee Dee Entertainments?

Quite simply, because of our professional attitude to all aspects of our business.  We are more than happy to take the time for you to talk to us… and we’ll listen!

Our DJs are highly experienced and able to play a very mixed selection of music for all ages and tastes. They are presentable - Dressed for the occasion (suit and tie) - Articulate, Friendly and Professional. They don’t get over familiar and certainly don’t bring their friends along!

Couples who would like to have input in to the music being played at their reception should feel free to supply us with a short song list with their preferences. deally, your song list should include the first dance(s), some other memorable songs - family favourites perhaps and an indication of what you and your guests would like to hear or not!

Booking us means that you can relax and not worry about your celebration reception entertainment. Why? Because every booking matters to us, each job usually leads to another and so on. To this day recommendations remain the single biggest source of new business for us. You can take comfort from this, knowing that as we do your reception we are investing in our future too.

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Below is an example of our Entertainment format.

For the reception all Cee Dee DJs (unless otherwise asked) will work to a format which is highly successful and is extremely well received.

In the absence of a Toastmaster/MC our DJs will always introduce the Bride and Groom/Couple and welcome them on to the dance floor for the 1st dances and then introduce the rest of the Wedding/Civil Partnership party as required.

First set of dances are normally chosen by the Bride and Groom/Couple.

Before the evening buffet/break (there isn’t always one) the DJ will play a mixture of popular songs and requests and will vary the tempo of the music to suit all.

After any break, the DJ will continue with more popular songs and requests and will most likely increase the tempo of the music - as long as the guests are happy with that - our DJs are very flexible and they can easily adapt to different requirements.

During the course of the event the DJ may also play any set dances like:- Reels (Ceilidh & SCD) and Ballroom dances as well as music from any song list provided.

To bring the event to a successful conclusion the DJ can either play a traditional ‘closer’ or something more flamboyant or even a specific request.

Please remember that the above is only an indication of what we normally do - we remain flexible and are always pleased to accommodate (whenever possible) your exact requirements.s.

Please have a look at our Music Policy page for a bigger insight into the music that our DJs carry and styles that they can play.

Should you have any questions on what we can do for you, want to check our availability or proceed with a definite booking, then please don’t hesitate to contact us by either:-

Email: weddings@cdeuk.co.uk

or Telephone: 07545 568784

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