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Music Policy

Our Music Policy is our Promise to you.

Our music policy has evolved from years of playing recorded music and is our promise to you that what we play will be perfect for your event. We are highly skilled in playing the right type of music whatever the event!

Our DJs know their craft - they know what people are happy to dance to. Their expertise in reading an event is second to none - that is what they do and that’s why people hire Cee Dee Entertainments!

In addition all our DJs carry a selection of music from the following styles:-

• All decades covered from 1957 to present.

• Big Band (swing)

• Current Chart Songs

• Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll

• Classic 70’s & 80’s Disco Music

• Classical Music (normally played as background music)

• House & Club Style Dance Music

• Indie

• Jazz Music (normally played as background music)

• Latin American (salsa)

• Party Dances

• Popular Songs from the 1930’s & 40’s.

• Rock (soft, hard, heavy)

• Soul (Motown, R & B)
• Standards (female/male)

• Strict Tempo (all ballroom dances covered)

We are also happy to take a short list of songs in advance of your event that you would like played, but we suggest that you limit the number to around 20 songs. The DJ needs the flexibility to respond to what is happening on the dance floor. Our DJs are experts in reading a crowd. Previously we have found that extensively long song lists can have a negative effect on the dance floor when we have been told to follow them without variation - including timings!

You have to be brave enough to let your event run - have complete confidence in your DJ. Please don’t over-manage the music being played at your event.  

As a guidance for preparing your list we would remind you that it is a celebration of your event and that your guests are there for that reason. So please consider what they would like to hear also - don’t go overboard with choices from your personal music collection that would be alien to most.

Not everybody prepares a list of songs, so don’t feel that you have to. For weddings some couples don’t even choose a song for their first dance, they even leave that up  to the DJ.

Your Song List

Ideally, your list should include the first dance(s) (weddings), some other memorable songs - family favourites perhaps and an indication of what you and your guests would like to hear or not!  

We would need your song list at least four weeks prior to your event so please make time for this. Within our master music library which is held at our office, we have access to UK released top 20/40 hits from 1957 to present. Any songs on your list that the DJ does not have and we do not have within our master music library will be notified to you within a week of receiving your list.If you still want them played we may need your help in obtaining them.


If you, or indeed some of your guests, are not native to Britain we would be pleased to play music from your home country. However on that occasion we may need help with the music being played or provided. We would be happy to discuss your exact requirements.

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